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How does SdWelcomeMaint Repair work

Hi all,
I have an IS 2018 InstallScript MSI project. I install the product.
Next, when I run setup.exe again, it gives three options: Modify, Repair and Remove.

What exactly does Repair do?
Does it only restore any missed files, registry entries and shortcuts or is there more to Repair?

Does any install code in the InstallScript get executed?
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Yes, it restores the missed file, registry, short cuts as well what and all you configured as part of your components in the authoring tool.
And it will execute the Install script code also, what and all code will be executed is based on how you are written the code and its execution conditions.
Its possible to write code only targeting maintenance phase by specifying conditions like REMOVEALL,REPAIR, MODIFY.
So, I suggest you to put a message box in the code to debug where and all it is getting executed.
and see the installshield help on install script|StartTopic=helplibrary%2FLangrefOnMaintUIBefore.htm
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