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How do I stop the build from adding .Net dependencies?

When I build my install packages (Basic MSI Project) it automatically adds .net dependencies for my files; however, some of these dependencies are strictly forbidden by licensing to distribute with an install package, but rather I must distribute the vendors install package for the dependencies.

How do I turn off automatic adding of dependencies for specific files?

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Level 16

I never suggest using dependency scanning as too many things can go wrong. I suggest you do the same and take one or more of the following actions:

1) For every developer using InstallShield, go into Tools | Options | .NET and change Default .NET Scan at Build Component Setting to Properties only. This setting effects all newly authored components.

2) Go into your ISM project and scroll through your components and make sure all of the components are set to Properties only.

Always manually author dependencies into your installer. Yes, I know it takes a little more work, but you'll have far greater control over the authoring and things won't magically blip in and out of your final installer. You and/or your developers really should know what your dependencies are and it should be a explicit rather then implicit operation to update/author your installer for them.

Just my hard lessons learned over the last 16 years speaking on this one....
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Thanks Christopher, worked like a charm!
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