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How do I set the AutomationID to a fixed value

I am attempting to automate the smoke testing of the InstallShield installer created as an output from our continuous integration builds. The problem for the automation tool is that the ID's for the installer widgets (text boxes, labels, buttons, etc.) are somehow assigned 5 digit AutomationID ID's as the installer (either MSI script or setup EXE) is built by InstallShield.

How do I tell install shield that for the text box containing the Licensing Terms of Use I want the textbox to have a property:
AutomationID ="CognexLicensingTermsOfUse"
instead of
AutomationID ="21867"

I can't rely on the number, 21867, because the next time there is an integration build and the number of files (or registry entries) managed by the Installer project changes, then this 5-digit "magic" number will change. Once changed the automation tool rightly states that it cannot find a control on the screen which has a AutomationID property set to 21867. Thus, the automated smoke test of the installer fails to run to completion.

Where in the InstallShield Spring 2012 product do I specify that this static text (or text box, or radio button, or push button) on some dialog screen has a ControlID of ?

This is question about MSI-based installers and how to automate the testing of such installers. While this is the first time I have automated the testing of an installer app, I doubt am the first person ever to want to automate the testing of an MSI-based installer such as that produced by InstallShield 2012 spring.

FYI: with some tools the controlID property is displayed as the ControlID, but most display the property as AutomationID.
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I posted this new thread because similar posts such as this one:
have yet to get a response.
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