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How do I insert a dialog during uninstall in Basic MSI

I need to display a dialog during uninstall and cannot figure out how to do it.
I need to display this dialog if they select uninstall from control panel or from the maintenance dialog.
Any help would be great.

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Flexera Alumni

For uninstallation through maintenance mode, you can add a dialog box the same way as you do for installation, by hooking up the Next button of the previous dialog box to whatever you want to display (also the Back button of your new dialog to the previous, etc.). You can look at MaintenanceWelcome's conditions and control events to see what's going on.

For uninstallation through the Remove button of Add or Remove Programs, though, you can't, really. Only the Execute sequence runs in that case, and you shouldn't put a dialog in the Execute sequence, at least if you believe ICE13. You could disable the ARP Remove button to force the maintenance UI dialogs, but this wouldn't affect things like someone right-clicking the MSI file and choosing Uninstall.
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