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How add certificate to the trusted Publishers With Installshield

I have created an Addin for Excel, a DLL of UDF functions plus a dedicated ribbon menu.

As some users require signed addins, I signed the DLL with a certificate (.PFX) issued by an authenticated certification body.

I generated a Kit with InstallShield and signed our DLL and the Setup with the .PFX.

However Excel still displays a security warning: Enable Content. I have to  manually add it in the Trusted Publishers.

Of course, I would like to automate it via Installshield.

My question is: how can I use InstallShield to add my certificate in the Trust Center (trusted publisher section)?

Best regards

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @sylviepuaux ,

Though adding certificate to trusted Publishers store can be automated using below methods:(Any one can be put under Pre-Build event as well)

But Installshield has signing support for limited stores such as Personal,Enterprise trust,Trusted  Root CA & Intermediate CA.So it might not be possible as of today.

Since store based signing doesn't allow fixed entries(varying Thumbprints),it can't be put into any events as well.




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