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Hide Features in Custom Setup Dialog by Property [Basis MSI]


I 've got a Basic MSI Project which installs different Features and want to hide some Features when property xyz is set.

For understanding: the Setup should be used to install a serverapplication or a clientapplication.

I created a new Dialog and put on two radio guttons in a radio button group and set property to "xyz"
- Radio button 1 -> value 0
- Radio button 2 -> value 1

Features (all installlevel 1):
- Feature1
- Feature2
- Feature3
- Feature4

Feature1 should be only shown by selecting server-setup (xyz=0) and not shown when client-setup (xyz=1) was selected.

So i create a condition in Feature-section for Feature1 like this:
Level: 0 xyz=1

this solution only works if property was set by default but not while running setup.
[in Custom Setup Dialog the Features also shown 😞 ]

I checked with an installScript if the Property set correctly and also tried to create an installscript to disable and hiding Feature with "FeatureSetData" and "FeatureSelectItem" without success.

How can I solve this problem? Other ways are also welcome 😉

Thanks for your response
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Level 7

I got around this by creating a new CustomSetup dialog populated with Checkboxes to select the features.

This required adding AddLocal|ALL|1 to the next button behaviour and then adding a Remove||<>1 line for each optional feature.

I also had to handle the existing features installed in an upgrade scenario. This I did by adding a registry entry for each feature and then reading it back on an upgrade, but I'm sure there are more elegent ways.

Then you can just add conditions to the feature checkboxes to hide or disable them based on whatever criteria you want.
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Level 3

Thanks for the good ideas. There's another great thread on this subject at the URL below, where I've posted an alternate solution:

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