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Help with VC++ 2010 prerequisites package.


I'd created setup package using IS Express trial version to test for my application & now I'm stuck with VC++ 2010 redist package setup. It always end up showing error message: "The installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redist package appears to have failed...". After a while digging on Google to find for a workaround, I got this: I'm not try this link yet because I've noticed that it is applied for InstallShield 2011 Premier, InstallShield 2011 Professional only. My question is: what's wrong with VC++ 2010 redist? & how can I get over it?

Thank you.
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If you create the installer with ISX 2013 on the same PC as VS 2010 exist, you can always find the merge modules for the compiler in the c:\program files\common files\merge modules folder. Using this path also ensures, that you get the correct version of the redistributables, - the same you used for compilation.

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