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Help With Dynamic File Linking

Our product needs to deliver a web site that contains a very high number of files (over 11,000 without the help files, which adds another 20,000+ files, generated). We currently use an InstallScript MSI project but we're moving toward a Basic MSI for the future. The only reasonable way I could find so far of delivering the web content is through a Dynamic File Link which necessitates that each and every build is a major upgrade, not to mention the key file problems. If any of the web content gets removed or renamed from one build to the next, the minor upgrade scenario goes out the window.

This is far from ideal, on many levels. We are running new builds every other day and the major upgrade takes a substantial amount of time to deploy.

Can anyone give me any ideas for how we could approach redesigning how we deliver the web content from one build to the next in such a way that we could deliver it as a minor upgrade? I'm open to almost any ideas.
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We also ran into this issue with dynamic links and website install. After talking with with Flexera support about this, it turns out that what we wanted (an "always overwrite" option for dynamic file links in InstallScript MSI) was not going to be an option due to the nature of Windows Installer (the "MSI" part).

Long story short, we had to re-purpose the website installer as an InstallScript Only project to get this functionality to work. It's working now as intended, so it is possible to get these results - just not with InstallScript MSI or Basic MSI.

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I was afraid of that...
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I haven't used it, but with patch optimization you can point the build at the previous deployment so that it can do the differencing... you may want to look into that.
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