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Help - Setup did not remove previous version item from Add or Remove Programs

My setup did not removed previous version item from Add or Remove Program. When I click on oldversion Change/Remove, nothing happen.
Here is the information:
- Old version was build using DevStudio9
- New setup was buid using IS2008 with major upgrade setting to 'completely uninstall old setup before installing new setup'
- When running the new setup, the installer uninstalled old setup completely but did not delete the old version item in Add or Remove Programs.
- I search the previous Product Code in the registry and found two items
InstallShield Uninstall Information
"My product"
InstallShield_"My product"
- If I uninstall the old version from Add or Remove Program, everythings work correctly.
Not sure if this is IS bug or a bug in my install project.
- Thanh
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Level 6

If you rebuilt a new IS project from old source files, it is a new project. To make it recognize your old installer, you need to make those two project having the same product GUID found in your IS IDE, General Information -> Product Properties -> Product Code. Basically, you just copy the GUID from your DevStudio9 project and paste it to the new project in IS2008, and Leave the Upgrade Code different.

Add or Remove Programs list uses the GUID in that Product Code to distinguish different products and list them, and doesn't care about names.
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Level 4

I want the new installer to automaticly uninstall the older version and install the new version. If I use the same product code then the setup displays a message about "Another version of this product is already installed. This installation cannot continue...Use Add/Remove Programs...". I don't want user to manually remove the program.
I don't understand why uninstall works differently between Add/Remove Program and within another setup.
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Level 2

Under the Media | Upgrade tab/view, right click "Upgrade Windows Installer Setup", and click "Add Major Upgrade Item".
To make Windows Installer recognize your old installer, you need to make those two project having the same Upgrade Code. You also need to change General Information -> Product Properties -> Product Code.

If the above doesn't work, it means some other windows clients are using the same old files you installed previously. You can untangle these links by removing the references from the Windows registry.

Good Luck.
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Level 4

For some reason when the new setup uninstalls the older version, the uninstall information did not remove from the Windows registry. I have to make the setup manually delete the uninstall information from the Windows registry.
Thank you for all your helps.
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