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Help Please

i have Installshield 2009 and i want to create an installer for my vb2008 Project... but since it needs .Net Framework in order the program to run properly i want to add the .Net framework 3.5 installer i downloaded to the package.. question is.... how?

please give me a step by step instruction... thanks
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This is mostly educated guess work. I do something similar but call it at the end of an install and it sounds like yours may need to be at the beginning.

1. if you dont care if it is automated you could start by adding a component in the setup design area that contains the file to install the 3.5 installer.

2. then you would have to add a custom action under the custom actions area
and have it call the exe and make sure its synchronus so that it waits for the exe to complete before continuing.

3. insert your new custom action into the ui sequence (probably pretty early in the sequence).

4. rebuild your release (assuming you already have everything else you need completed)

5. test

6. profit

hope this info helps

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1. Go to the Installation designer TAB
2. Click on Redistributables
3. Here you check for .Net framework and click on check box.
4. Now the framework will download and attached with your package.
5. Go to Project Assistant TAB
6. Click on Instalation Requirement
7. select the framework and click on check box and set the message which you want to display if the .netFramework in not installed on your mmachine.
8.compile with your other changes.

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ignore what i said do what Vikask says that works like a champ.
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