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Level 10

HOTFIX: Build error when .pfx file is used for Digital Signing


Build error when a .pfx file with a password is used for digital signing.


This problem is due to the password being stored incorrectly.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create an InstallShield Limited Edition Project.
2. Navigate to the Releases view and select the signing tab.
3. Browse to a .pfx file from the Digital Certificate file Field and specify a password.
4. Build the project.

Hot Fix:

To apply the hot fix, follow the steps below:

1. Close Visual Studio.
2. Download the Digital signing. zip file attached to this thread, and uncompress the IsWsBuild.ocx file to a temporary location.
3. Locate the folder: \System. (By default, this directory is “C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2010LE\System")
4. Make a backup copy of file IsWsBuild.ocx
5. Copy the new IsWsBuild.ocx file to \System.
6. Restart Visual Studio.
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Level 17

This issue is resolved in InstallShield 2011 Limited Edition. For more information, see the following community thread:
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