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Guidelines for Configuring InstallShield projects to get installation content from Git repositories

We have recently migrated our source control system to Git and off of SVN.  Our code developers love it, but SVN worked very nicely for staging and configuring sandboxes from which I built our installations.  Thus far, git universe is proving to be a force fit for me, our installation developer.  

I have been looking for guidelines or suggestions from others who may have made this transition before who may be able to offer their expertise, or any pointers to a Best Practices document which might help me more intelligently configure my ISM project files for flexibility in our new environments.

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Hi @regexmaster ,

You can configure your ism project file to get the payloads/content from the path variable configured in the path variables view, and the same path variable can be updated for file the file table through the direct editor. 


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Thank you for the suggestion.  It is gratifying that through working on this it was becoming clear that leveraging path variables in our projects was the best way forward.


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