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Guide to create 32-bit and 64-bit Setup's in single project

Hi Friends,

We have recently buyed Installshield 2011 Premier Edition, Earlier we were using Installshield 2008 Premier Edition from which we used to create packages and project type is Installscript MSI.

In build server we have uninstalled the older one and installed latest version of Installshield.

Now a new requirement came saying that we have to support 64-bit Operating Systems. Earlier we used to support only for 32-bit Operating Systems.

Is it possible to have same Setup.exe to support 32-bit as well as 64-bit Operating Systems


In single project do we have to create two product releases?? If Yes how to go ahead

I went across the help document for Targeting 64-bit O.S.

In that they have mentioned with help of Release Flags it can be implemented, how to map these release flags, since our project has built upon on Installscript on 64-bit O.S. registry functions may not work,

Please guide me in this regard

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you need to create 2 projects (ism)
32bit version and 64bit version

fast way: you can use the 32bit to start with and then copy that one to edit the copy to creat a 64bit version.

kind regards,

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I was faced with this requirement recently as well.

You do need to have the bulk of your installation content in separate projects (for 32-bit and x64), but if you want to have a very light bootstrapper .exe to distribute everything in one file, I recommend the method mentioned in this post:
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