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Groupbox z-order Issues? (Suites)


Please see the attached screen shots.

The design-time image (top) shows a groupbox partially covering a label which is bound to a property.
Contained within the groupbox is also a password control and another label, with a fixed string text.

During the wizard, the property is populated and then this screen displayed as a visual confirmation. The trouble is (as shown in the runtime image) that the groupbox appears to be opaque to some controls and transparent to others.
The password box was in place and then the gropbox dragged over the top of it.
The "Path" label was dragged over the top of the groupbox.
The Bound label was also dragged over the top of the group box.

Can any one explain why some controls are visible at runtime but not others?


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Re: Groupbox z-order Issues? (Suites)

Nevermind - I got it.

What I hadn't realised was the list of controls shown under the screen in the wizard list represented a form of z-ordering. Using the ctrl+downarrow combo I moved the groupbox to the bottom of the stack, which cured it.

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