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Getting Error 2602 on Patch installation


I am using InstallShield 2012 Spring Basic MSI Project, I have created the Final build and installed, And for the same i have to created Patches
I am creating Patches through Patch Design. And we create the Patches on a daily basis. And for every update we update the Patch Identification through C#.

For every Patch we will be adding few folders/files which are dynamically linked to a component and also static linked components,

for the first 2 Patch installations I am not seeing any issues, where as on 3rd Patch installation i am seeing an Installation issue, which is "Error 2602. The File table entry "" has no associated entry in the media table"

In previous blogs, i found that I have to provide the previous Patch GUID for replacing , but my requirement is somehting like, a customer can install any Patch (in incresing sequence).

For Ex: Customer 1 can install Patch 1, then Patch 2 then Patch 3...Patch 10
Customer 2 may install Patch 1, Patch 3, then Path 10, As we create a cumulative updates, both should on sync,
SO in this case I may not be able to provide previous Patch GUID (I guess).

Could somebody help me in resolving the issue.


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A couple of things to watch for here.

  • When dynamically linking, make sure you do not use the subfolder checkmark to dynamically link subfolders. This will cause heartache for updates in the future unless InstallShield has found a way to prevent the way it automatically changes the GUID on its dynamically linked subfolders.
  • It sounds as if you want to let anyone patch to current in any order. If this is correct, if I am not mistaken, your patch source always needs to be the original released media and not the immediate updated media. Hopefully this is clear enough.
  • Also you do need to provide the list of all the supported patch GUIDs released that you are supporting to allow installation. Admittally I am not as familiar with this process as usually our company has not released more than one or two updates before a major upgrade, so this has never been a major concern for me in my career. Hopefully someone else who has worked with this process more can chime in some.
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