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Level 3

Free Install Shield with Visual Studio 2010

I have a project called 101814 Programmer and implemented it using the free InstallShield with Visual Studio 2010. That was some months ago. When I go back to Visulal Studio to look at my project, the name of the project is there at the top in Solution Explorer, but the files for my project are not there. The InstallShield files are there I think. Does anybody know what's happening here. Is the extension on the file a .ism or a .ise so that I can search the computer for them or is it something else?
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Level 7


InstallShield project files created by the Premiere and Professional editions are saved as .ISM files.

Project files created by the Express and Limited editions are saved as .ISE file and .ISL File respectively.

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Level 3

Hi Madu,
As we are using the free copy that comes with Visual Studio 2010, I guess the file extension is .isl. I've performed a search for .isl files on my computer and it simply finds the executable files which cannot be loaded into Visual Studio 2010. It looks like I've lost my project!
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