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Force Com Component to be registered in a specific hive...

I see where in the Setup Design view I can highlight a component and set various properties. But I don't see where I can select which hive to register the component in...

Our software is used by hospitals which typically require an Administrator to install the software. What happens is, that when registering Redemption.dll and Redemption64.dll, if the Administrator immediately runs the software and attempts to use the Calendar in our program (which talks to Outlook and uses Redemption to avoid the annoying confirmations) the Administrator gets the appointments just fine. But after he/she logs off and the user logs on, they can't use the calendar because it's probably getting registered in the HKCU (current user) which was the Administrator.

How can I configure the Install to make sure the component is registered properly in HKLM?


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Level 7

I also use the redemption.dll in some of my installation packages. I never had the problems you describe. I install the file in the following way:
The setup must be started as administrator.
The installation is always done per machine, not per user.
The redemption.dll is installed in [CommonFilesFolder]\SubDirectory
During the build of the setup I use the COM extract at build flag for the component containing the redemption.dll.
If I look in the MSI-Package, I can see that the entries for the redemption.dll are written to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

Hope this helps
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