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Folder permissions


I am trying to set folder permissions to some folders.
The NetworkService needs full control to the followinf directories:
- [WindowsFolder]\Temp
- [INSTALLDIR]\SomeFolder

I tried do do that using the permissions dialog:
=> Domain: [%USERDOMAIN]
User: NetworkService
=> Domain:
User: NetworkService
Results into following exception
InstallShield 15:15:16: ResolveSidForAccountName: looking up account name 'ULTRAGENDA\NetworkService'
InstallShield 15:15:16: Failed to lookup account name, last error: 0x00000534
InstallShield 15:15:16: Failed to apply permissions for object 'C:\WINDOWS\Temp\', error 0x00000534

Note that it must work on French/Dutch/English OS's

Any ideas?
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Level 4

I have solved it.

You can use the well-known security identifiers.

The SID for the NetworkService user is: S-1-5-20

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