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Level 3

Can I create a simple install with no uninstall option?

I am trying to create an installation package that does nothing but drop a few files on the target machine. All I want it to do after I run it is:
1) Look for the Shared Documents folder
2) Ask the user if they want to install the files in that folder or change it
3) Install the files, copying over any that may already be there.

If I run the file again, I do NOT want to be prompted about modifying, repairing, or removing. I also do NOT want the user to be asked if it is OK to do an upgrade. I just want it to run again.

I've played with Installshield and written some script, and I've managed to get it part of the way there, but I can't see any way to get Installshield to skip the Uninstall option.
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Project type?

For InstallScript project, you can delete the following code in the OnMoveData event handler:

// Write uninstall information.

For Basic MSI project, you can delete custom action RegisterProduct and PublishProduct in the Execute Sequence.

Hope that helps.

Kevin Wan
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Level 5

For an InstallShield Script go to Installation Information\General Information then on the right side pane locate Maintenence Experience. Set this value to: "No Uninstall or Maintenence"

Then, when you run this nothing will show up in Add/Remove.
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