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Firewall settings messed up with RepackageWizz and installshield 2014

Hello, I'm still a newbee with Installshield 2014, but have had some basic training and trying to make some packages.
I have repackage Misys Opics Client software. The thing is that the installation makes an entry for the firewall that has the Name OpicsPlusPubSub and is set for TCP communication on port 1234.
When i capture the program with the Repackage Wizard, this setting is not correctly interpreted. After making a new build I do get 2 new Firewall setting, but they have the name OpicsPlus, are blocked by the local W7 OS, one entry is for TCP and the other for UDP communication and is not specified for any port, just any port will do. The fact that this setting is blocked will result in a popup from the Firewall software and asking me if this application is allowed to be using the firewall. This is off course something we do not want.
Why is this happening and more important how do i deal with these things? Do i not install the Firewall settings and have to run a script after installing the new build. Are there settings or things in Installshield that i don't know yet?
If somebody has some experiance with sort of problems, please let me know.
Best regards,

Frank van Geesink
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Just made another capture and rebuild in which I explicit didn't install the Firewall settings. When I tested the new package, I had the same results as before. What seems to be happening is that the Repackage Wizard doesn't see, or recognizes the firewall settings, so they are not used in the new build.
The original application does know it needs the Firewall settings and does again a necessary repair and creates 2 settings so it will work, this creates the popup for the firewall settings.
Question i still have, is this behaviour normal for the Repackage Wizard, that Firewall settings are not detected. Can this be changed.. and how? Are there other things that are not detected with the Wizard?
Best regards,

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