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Level 4

Files not overwritten


There are a bunch of files in my INSTALLPATH. When I run my MSI, some files are overwritten and some are left untouched. None of the binaries are overwritten and the following is captured in the log file:

Common.dll; Won't Overwrite; Won't patch; New file unversioned - existing file versioned

However, the new file is versioned and the version is also higher than the existing one.

All these binaries are a part of a single "Dynamic File Linking" component.

Any clue why this behavior.

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Level 6

Can you change the Component code in the new build.

And also can you change the .net scan at build property as a "properties Only"

try this one this will help your application installtion.


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Level 3


i am having a similar problem.
i am running a patch upgrade with the latest project having many new components (and associated files), but when the installation is complete, many of the files within the INSTALLDIR are not replaced.
i am trying to upgrade from to

re-changing the component id for so many components does NOT seem to be a feasible soultion. any other advice, please ?

thanks in advance ...
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Level 10

In the last panel of the Release Wizard do you have the Patch Optimization (Optional) field point to a copy of the previous MSI? If you are using Dynamic Links, you should try this and see if it addresses your issues.
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