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Files are not added using USERPROFILE environment variable

I have added destination files using Specify Application Data | Files.

However, some files are only created by the VS 2013 solution and cannot be marked as Content or Primary Output. Therefore, they are added by selection from Source computer's folders. They are built by VS 2013 into a USERPROFILE folder but IS-EXP 2015 creates the link using a hard-wired username, e.g.

This means that the setup build fails for other developers, trying to use a path that does not exist on their machine.

It would be better to link to: [code][USERPROFILE]\Projects\Playback\bin\Release\AxInterop.WMPLib.dll[/code]

Can any edition of InstallShield do this?
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Level 17

The Premier and Professional editions of InstallShield include support for path variables that let you define commonly used paths in a central location so that you do not need to change every source file’s path each time you move the project or change the directory structure. Please the Path Variables view help topic for more information.
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