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Level 4

File / Folder Permissions

If I set a user permission for a file, or a folder, does that permission REPLACE all existing permissions on that file/folder, or is that permission APPENDED to the existing permissions?

If the permissions are REPLACED, how to I specify that I want the new permission APPENDED to the list of existing permissions?

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Level 8

it would depend on if you are using the Tradition Windows Installer handling for permissions or if you are using the Custom Installshield handling.

more informations can be gotten from the help under the heading "Securing Files, Folders and Registry Keys in a Locked-Down Environment"

In a basic MSI project this option can be set under the General Information Tab, Lock-Down Permissions.

In traditional windows installer handling the permissions you put will most likely replace any existing permissions on the file or folder. With Installshields custom handling it should append.
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Level 4

Thank you very much for the information. I will check that out.

I am using InstallShield 2009 Professional at the moment (soon to be 2010) with a basic MSI project. I am not using the Windows Installer directly, so based on what you have said, I should be able to get the permissions to append to the existing permissions. Thanks again!!!
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