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File Extension Association not working

I am using InstallShield Pro 2012 and I can't seem to get my file extension to register on Window 7 64-bit.

This is what I've done:

In the Installation Designer > Organization > Components view, I have opened up the Advanced Settings on the component who's executable I wish to associate.

Then in the Advanced Settings, I chose File Types, and added my extension, with the default Open verb. I skipped the dot in the extension, as the docs state.

However, when I run the installer, it seems to add nothing. I can't find anything in the windows registry, and if I click on a file with my extension, Windows complains there's no association registered.

What could I be missing here?

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I did as you did and bumps the same issue.
I use InstallShield 2012 Premier + SP1.
File association is well handled on XP 32 and Vista 64 (didn't try Vista 32 nor 7 32 yet).

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No takers on this thread or did you find an answer on another? My association works great just as long as no previous association exists. If it does, my new definition is ignored.

I first set my Key File. I then open Advanced Settings and select File Types where I add the extension and verbs.

If I install on a clean system with no existing association to the extension, it works fine. If one exists, it ignores it completely.

I appreciate I can change the registry manually which is what I did in the past with my InstallScript projects but am trying to keep my Basic MSI installations clean.

Can this be achieved? Do I have to mess with ProgIDs & COM registration?

Appreciate any words of wisdom.

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Never mind - according to Flexera, it is not possible to override the associations so the registry has to be modified via scripting.

Odd that this isn't considered a bug but that's where they stand on the topic.
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