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Feature transfer (Access is Denied) - Windows Defender

We have a CDROM format (loose files) setup distributed with a signed self-extracting  EXE wrapper.  We do things this way because we need to add a unique license key file to the setup for each customer.

The self-extractor EXE extracts the files to a sub-folder in /users/ <current-user> / local/temp then runs setup.exe.

A few customers are getting  "Feature Transfer Error (Access Denied) error" for one of the data files in the setup.

We haven't been able to replicate this ourselves, but one customer had with multiple PCs with this problem.  In their testing:

  • The problem only seems to occur on build 1809 and older of Windows 10.
  • The file is the same data file, it is in the default component, default feature

Their security software is Windows Defender.

We suspect that Windows Defender is blocking access to the files while it scans them, but that is a guess.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Is there any way to tell InstallShield to wait and re-try file copies during installation?

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