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Level 13

Feature Level conditions problems

I have a basic MSI project that includes the Setup Type dialog. I have set the property for the radio button group to AC_SETUPTYPE in this dialog.

I have three setup types. MAIN, WORKGROUP, MOBILE

I have two features that have feature conditions set on them


However, during install these features are installed no matter what the value of AC_SETUPTYPE is set to, these features are always set to ADDLOCAL.

What am I missing to get my desired affect of not installing the features if the setup type is "WORKSTATION"?

Do I need to set INSTALLEVEL?

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Level 16

You have a race condition. The Condition table gets evaluated during the costing process and your radio dialog is occuring after words.

This might help you:
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Level 13


Thanks for the response. I found my error. I had a brain lapse and was placing my code events in the radio button group and not the NEXT button, so no feature changes were taking place.

I have done this I cannot think of how many times and I don't know why I had a lapse this time around *grin*. All I know is that all of a sudden is that light dawned on me and I realized that a radio button group really does not respond to 'events' just buttons and checkbox states.

Now to test the changes from a command line ... which is why I implemented the feature conditions to allow setting properties from the command line.
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