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Feature Event Uninstalling


We have a large project, with over 100 Features, to install multiple software products for many different hardware components. Each Feature has as OnUninstalling event which runs a function in the InstallScript to ask "Are you sure that you want to uninstall ...".

We started this project using InstallShield Developer 7, moved to InstallShield 11 Professional Edition, and then to InstallShield 2012.

Recently, using IS-2012, I added some new features and assigned an OnUnistalling event. However, this forced the OnInstalling event to change from "None Selected" to the same function name as assigned to the OnUninstalling event. When I tried to set it back to "None Selected", the SAVE icon did not get turned on. I moved to some other field, and returned to find that my "None Selected" was replaced again with the same function name as assigned to the OnUninstalling event.

So I created a special function for the OnInstalling event - an empty function (just begin and end). When I assigned this new function as the OnInstalling event, the SAVE icon got turned on, and I was able to save this new state.

Something is wrong here ! Why can I not set "None Selected" as the OnInstalling event ? It is a hassle (and counter intuitive) to have to create a dummy function to perform a "None Selected" event.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

Asher Meth
Excalibur Systems
Jerusalem, ISRAEL
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Level 10 Flexeran

This is currently a known issue previously reported with work order IOC-000068919. To update the feature events in this situation, go to the ISFeatureExtended table in the Direct Editor view and change the Installing, Installed, Uninstalling, and Uninstalled columns for the features that currently have the wrong events (note that InstallScript features are identified by GUIDs; to determine the GUID for a specific feature look for the feature name in the Title field of the Feature table, then use the GUID from the Feature column to locate the feature in ISFeatureExtended).
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