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Failed to create virtual directory in Server 2008, IIS7

Hello all,

I'm having an issue creating setup in server 2008, IIS 7.
The setup copies the files and when it gets to creating IIS, it rolls back.

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I am trying to build an installation which contains a stand alone product as well as a web application. So how should i go about to accomplish this task. Which type of project will be suitable?? Please do let me know
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Hi David,

some weeks ago I had a similar problem, the installation always rolled back.
My problem was, that there was an entry in .net version.
After clearing this field evereything worked fine.

Good luck
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thanks for the answer.

same thing again - when it tries to create the iis virtual directory it rolls back.
any new ideas?
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I tested it again on server 2008 with IIS 6 and same thing happens.
When I run the setup on server 2003 with IIS 6 everything works fine.
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After custom setup dialog create the custom dialog with combo box .
write the script to show the list of website available in the end user machine.

in the custom dailog ,once user selecte the web site keep the property value in registry .

Get the registry value from registry and write the C# or C++ code to create the virtual directory.

Still if you fell any difficult please let me know.

Thanks and Regards
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I had the same problem, my installation rolled back, the hotfix helped me for IS2008 proffesional edition, but not for the IS2008 standalone version, where can I find this hotfix for the IS2008 standalone version?

Appriciate any help, Thanks!
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I'm seeing this same issue with Installshield 2010 SP1.

Is there a resolution there? I'll look at posting over in that forum as well, but didn't see this issue mentioned in that forum.

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I have the same problem but can not find the solution anywhere. And begins to press me. 😞
The machine with InstallShield has not internet, so I can not find any hotfix.
Someone got to solve this problem?
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