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Error while Restore from bak File


I am new to IS.

I am creating the windows installer using install script, wants to execute the sql script for database operations.

with sql script i manage to run simple insert query with
-- sql login dlg
-- connection
-- sql scripts

Now i want to "restore" db with and without replacement text mode so i go through forums and try to execute queries
But i got error msg as
" Error 27506.Error executing SQL Script sqlscript8.sql Line 13. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.(3013)"

Any Help
Thanks in advance.....

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Re: Error while Restore from bak File

Can anybody help out in this?
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Re: Error while Restore from bak File

I encountered a similar issue, I forget the error message I received but it sounds similar.

I also was attempting to restore a database using a .bak file. I was using text replacement to restore the .bak file to the database name I had provided in the SQL Login dialog.

However I realised this will not work because the SQL Login dialog is opening a connection to the database that you specify in that dialog.

I overcame this by using a SQL script that included the SQL statements to create the tables/sp's/views/data rather than using a SQL script that restored the .bak.

I hope this helps!

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Re: Error while Restore from bak File

Thanks Alan

It helps me....!!!!

What one can try is in sql Scripts, drop a table that is created during sql login dlg and then try restore

Thanks Again
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