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Error on install copying files

We recently upgraded from InstallShield 2016 to InstallShield 2020. We are now getting an intermittent, seemly random error during the phase where all the files of the install are being installed. It appears that Install Shield copies the file from its installation cab file into the program files destination directory as a TMP file, then renames it. Installshield is reporting an error that it cannot find the file specified. Has anyone else seen this error, and if so, did you find a cause for it?

We checked virus protections - no quarantine or detected files.

I have a support ticket in, but they don't seem to be able to provide any help until we can replicate it at will, and its too intermittent to do that. However, its occurred on 5 different machines in our company. Its not always the same file.


Could really use some help. Its now impacting our release date.

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@ScottKBerger would you consider trying with the system protection disabled? While the virus protection might not be quarantining anything, it does cause interference just scanning. This isn't a fix, but will at least let you know if the antivirus is the cause or not. If the process you described of extracting from the .cab to Program Files as a .tmp then renaming is the standard behavior for InstallShield, I don't know what to do to correct that, but perhaps knowing it's the scan could give support an idea how to work around it.

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We cannot disable virus protection. These are machines in a corporate environment with very strict security requirements.

To be clear, I don't care how the installation is performed, whether it takes files out of the cab and writes them to the destination location as a TMP file, then renames it, or just copied the files directly. that wasn't the issue. The issue is the error message that's attached that says the file can't be found. I was hoping for something concrete that we can change in the installation package that might be causing the issue, so I was looking for someone that has also seen an error with the same footprint

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