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Error Building a Patch

Hello Everyone,

I am trying generate patches from my Basic MSI project and I am hitting a problem. I've highlighted the line that I think is showing the problem. This appears in the PatchCreation.log file:

[FONT=Courier New]***** Log starting: 2013-06-04 17:22:41 *****

INFO: Using Pcp Path: D:\Projects\NETPath\NETPath\NETPath\Update\Interm\PatchTemplate.pcp.
INFO: Using Temporary Directory: C:\Users\AdamW\AppData\Local\Temp\ISP2DC2.tmp.
INFO: Passed all of the main control parameter validation to PatchWiz, now calling the next 5 phases.
INFO: Phase I: Entered validation and processing phase.
INFO: Validation of Pcp.
INFO: MinimumRequiredMsiVersion is 301.
INFO: ListOfPatchGUIDsToReplace is .
INFO: ListOfTargetProductCodes is *.
INFO: MsiFileToUseToCreatePatchTables is .
INFO: PatchGUID is {88E5F549-F223-4FB8-B28B-8688DCC5C6CB}.
INFO: PatchOutputPath is D:\Projects\NETPath\NETPath\NETPath\Update\Patch\Update.msp.
INFO: PatchSourceList is PatchSourceList.
INFO: AllowDualPatch is 0.
INFO: AllowProductCodeMismatches is 1.
INFO: AllowProductVersionMajorMismatches is 1.
INFO: ApiPatchingSymbolFlags is 0.
INFO: DontRemoveTempFolderWhenFinished is 0.
INFO: IncludeWholeFilesOnly is 0.
INFO: OptimizePatchSizeForLargeFiles is 0.
INFO: TrustMsi is 0.
INFO: AllowLaxValidationFlags is 0.
SCHEMA: Table: ExternalFiles has mismatched schema (or missing column) for: Order
SCHEMA: Table: ExternalFiles has mismatched schema (or missing column) for: RetainOffsets
PERF INFO: Time Spent Validating: 35 ms
INFO: Phase III: Entering Prepare Files.
ERROR: Could not create the patch authoring transform at path: C:\Users\AdamW\AppData\Local\Temp\ISP2DC2.tmp\PreviousToLatest.MST.
ERROR: The Last Error Received is: 0xe8 (232)
ERROR: The Last Error Received is: 1: 2223 2: D:\Projects\NETPath\NETPath\NETPath\Full\MSI\DiskImages\DISK1\NETPath.msi 3: 4:
PERF INFO: D:\Output\NETPath20\NETPath.msi 139 ms
PERF INFO: D:\Projects\NETPath\NETPath\NETPath\Full\MSI\DiskImages\DISK1\NETPath.msi 142 ms
INFO: Temporary folder is about to be cleaned out and deleted: C:\Users\AdamW\AppData\Local\Temp\ISP2DC2.tmp
ERROR: Internal PatchWiz Error occurred.
ERROR: The Last Error Received is: 0x91 (145)
ERROR: During cleanup, could not delete the temporary folder: C:\Users\AdamW\AppData\Local\Temp\ISP2DC2.tmp.
ERROR: The Last Error Received is: 0x91 (145)
PERF INFO: Total Patch Creation Time: 248 ms[/FONT]

Additionally, when I try to run the PCP file through MsiMsp.exe itself it throws the following error:
Failed to create patch. Error code: 0xC00E5205

Interestingly enough, there is nothing on Google about the above error code so I am completely stumped. Any ideas?
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Level 3

The Windows Installer error database is located here:

I don't know if this is going to be of any help to you, but it looks like error 2223 is "Database: [2]. Databases are the same. No transform generated."
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Level 2

Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm getting the exact same error message.
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Level 2

I'm facing the same exact problem as mentioned. I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2 and Install shield 2011.
Did any of you get any solutions for this ?
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