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Error -5054: Could not determine the size of the file "..\R1\DiskImages\DISK1\Autorun.inf"


One of our installer project's build is being failed which runs on InstallShield 2018 standalone, by displaying an error -5054 (refer below). I have done some analysis & also check with some IS experts here but didn't figure out the cause of this problem and also tried on both standalone and premier edition IS 2018, got the same error -5054. 

If anyone could provide any kind of help\support, that would be great. I have attached the build log. 

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Hi @ravikumarrayani ,


See all your dependencies/prerequisites are in place while building, when on wards you started getting this error. 

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Hi @banna_k ,

Thank you for the response.

This issue is not project specific, its occurring even in sample msi project just with the below two settings. And also seeing this issue in 3 different machine with IS 2018 premier, IS 2018 standalone & IS 2019 premier.

Please specific if autorun.inf (generation) have dependencies to be installed or needed any config settings in machine, otherwise looks like a bug within installshield itself.

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I got same issue with 2020 R3.

Has this issue resolved?



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