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Error 27052 couild not connect to Microsoft SQL Srver[DBNETLIB][Connection Open Conne


I am working Basic msi install shield 2015, One of my senior created a setup.exe in install shield 2009, it support
SQL server connection.
Right now i have to support for windows 10 operating system.
1.To achieve above support is it I need to upgrade the Install shield project to 2015?
if so i have upgraded 2009 -> 2015, but i am getting error while in SQL server connection screen, Please find
above attached screen shot.
2.How can i support windows 10 with install shield 2009.

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This message you show is just saying it can't find the SQL Server by the name ''. Did you type in the name of your SQL Server before hitting the Next button? There is not much error checking by default for the SQLLogin dialog - it doesn't check that you have typed something in, for example, so it allows a blank SQL Server name, which is not valid ever as far as I know. But, it will go to check the connection when you click on the Next button so it can be sure it will be able to run the SQL Scripts. If you don't type in the name of a valid SQL Server that you have access to then it will display the message you show.

Supporting Windows 10 with InstallShield 2009 isn't possible for Flexera to do without fully testing, fixing any problems and releasing some updates to InstallShield 2009. They don't tend to do that - instead expecting people to regularly update their InstallShield versions to get the support for the latest operating systems.

Here's the list of supported version of InstallShield. Anything older than 2014 is no longer supported by Flexera, meaning no updates to those older versions.


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