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Basic MSI Project Windows Setup 4.5 Crashes on SP2


I have recently updated from 2016 to 2016 SP2 and my rebuilt installer always crashes during "Removing Backup Files" on installation and uninstallation. I have experimented a bit and it seems that this only occurs when User Interface Type is New Style (Requires Windows Setup 4.5). Is this a new bug introduced in 2016 SP2? I am able to replicate it by just creating a similar project and setting it to New Style.

On the flip side, I tried changing the style to Traditional Style and the redistributable pre-requisite is not working correctly. I set 2015 x86 and .net 4.5 and the prompt no longer appears when I run the new installer with these 2 pre-requisites missing (This issue seems to be replicable on one device though). This works on New Style but fails on traditional style (skipped in this style).

Some details:
Project contains 2 languages (English and Japanese)
I used some Installscripts to run scripts before file copying is done (no issues on this side)
Project is Windows Installer Basic MSI Project.

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The Basic MSI project type doesn't support choosing the InstallScript User Interface Type - that choice is only available if you are using the InstallScript MSI type of project, which is a hybrid type designed by Flexera software and not supported by Microsoft.

If you want to use a Basic MSI type of project (highly recommended) then you won't have to concern yourself with the silly New versus Traditional Style thus saving any concerns like this for others to worry about.

Here's what it says in the help information. Note how it says "InstallScript MSI" as the only supported project type - I never recommend InstallScript MSI - use Basic MSI whenever possible.

InstallScript User Interface Type
InstallScript MSI
Specify the type of InstallScript user interface (UI) that you want to use for your installation. Valid options are:

• Traditional Style (Requires Setup.exe)—If you want to use the InstallScript engine as an external UI handler for your InstallScript MSI installation, select this option. With this style, your installation must include a Setup.exe setup launcher. The setup launcher serves as a bootstrap application that initiates the InstallScript engine to display the UI and run the InstallScript code, and the Windows Installer to run the Execute sequence of the .msi package.

This is the default option for this setting.

• New Style (Requires Windows Installer 4.5)—If you want to use the InstallScript engine as an embedded UI handler for your InstallScript MSI installation, select this option. With this style, InstallShield embeds the InstallScript engine within the .msi package. The Windows Installer calls the InstallScript engine to display the UI. The Windows Installer also runs the Execute sequence of the .msi package.

This option requires Windows Installer 4.5 on the target machine. This option also has some limitations that require careful planning if you decide to use this style.

For detailed information about these two styles, see Using the InstallScript Engine as an External vs. Embedded UI Handler for InstallScript MSI Installations.

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