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Level 9

Error 2705.Invalid table: Directory; Count not be linked as tree.

I am trying to run my installs in admin mode "/a" and I am getting this 2705 error.

The installs build fine and the validation does not have any errors listed for the directories so what would be causing this issue?

Here is the portion of the log that indicates the 2705 error:

Action start 8:43:29: CostInitialize.
MSI (c) (78:00) [08:43:29:408]: Machine policy value 'MaxPatchCacheSize' is 10
MSI (c) (78:00) [08:43:29:440]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding ROOTDRIVE property. Its value is 'C:\'.
MSI (c) (78:00) [08:43:29:440]: Note: 1: 2705 2: Directory
Error 2705.Invalid table: Directory; Could not be linked as tree.
MSI (c) (78:00) [08:52:29:346]: Product: SMART Notebook -- Error 2705.Invalid table: Directory; Could not be linked as tree.

Has anyone see and corrected for this? Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 12

Do you get the same problem on the same machine when you just try to install it?
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Level 9

No the problem does not exist if you run the install regularly.

We eventually found out what the problem was. In one of our third party merge modules we found out that they were using 4 directorys that were not pre-set. During install these directory properties are created and properly set, therefore the install works fine.

But in an Admin (/a) install or a Group Policy push the first step is to validate the install and this is where they would fail because the 4 directories were not declared.

So what we did was per-set the default values for those 4 directories in our parent install so that the validation would succeed. This fixed the issue and we have sent out a request to the producer of the third party merge modules that they should fix it.
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