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Error 1904, a dll failed to register

a dll can be installed on a computer where it was compiled and it works fine, but when setup.exe is copied and install on other computers, the following error occurs during the installation:

Error 1904. Module C:\Program Files\My Company Name\My Product Name\plugins\SampleIME.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147220473.

I need to test whether the program can be installed also by other users on their computers.

I use Visual Studio Community 2013 to compile the program, and generate setup.exe using InstallShield Express or Limited Edition. Both computers have Windows 8.1 32bit, and I install the program as a administrator. The registration type is self-registration.

To recreate this issue, a sample code can be used from here

which has also step by step instructions.

Thanks a lot for the help
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Duplicate post; follow up here.
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