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How to change default installation path

I am using InstallShield 2015 Express to build an installation for my VB.Net application. (Right now I am using the demo version in conjunction with Visual Studio 2015, but I will buy the Express version if I can get this issue resolved.)

I cannot figure out how to change the default installation destination folder from [ProgramFilesFolder] to [AppDataFolder] or [CommonAppDataFolder]. I have tried adding folders on the Application Files screen so that the installation path is: Destination Computer\AppDataFolder\MyAppName\. But when the installer is built, the default destination is Program Files (x86)\MyAppName.

I know that the user can type in a different installation folder path, but I want the installer to have this path as a default so the user does not have to change the path by typing or browsing. How do I do this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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The default installation destination folder can be set through the INSTALLDIR setting in the General Information view under the Organize Your Setup section in the Installation Designer, or the "Edit the default installation location." hyperlink under the More Options section in the Application Information page of the Project Assistant. Hope that helps.
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