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Error 1501 when compressing file with Chinese characters


I'm trying to build merge module project in new build machine (Windows Server 2016). I got error:
fatal error -1501: Could not compress 'file name with Chinese characters' into MergeModule.CABinet.cab.
Same error with InstallShield and StandAloneBuilder.
IS version: InstallShield 2019 R2 Premier
Project works in old PC (Win7) correctly and other projects without Chinese characters works fine in new PC.
So what might be wrong, is there something missing from environment or something wrong in Windows settings maybe?
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Thank you banna_k,

I tried to change Windows system locale to Chinese and merge module builds without error. Great. However, another project with Finnish file names started to throw same -1501 error.
System locale change requires restart, so switching between languages cannot be used in this case.
Language packs are installed for English, Chinese and Finnish.

This is cab/unicode related thing, how to build different languages without changing system locale?

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