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Error 1334


I'm trying to build a Setup with CAB Compression with about 6.000 files. I've splitted those files in 20 SubFeatures, because of the 1.600 components / feature limitation.

My Problem is, that i get a "1334 -> File not found in Base10.cab" error, though the File _IS_ in the .cab file.

The Setup works perfectly, if i disable cab compression. (Which is not an option)

More Details:

The content of Base0.cab, Base1.cab installs without a problem, but when it comes to a certain file in Base10 (which is the next cab), there's an 1334 error.

I've checked the Sequence number with ORCA, and i guess that's not the Problem.

Media Table:
Basis10Cab: 504 - 747

The File which causes the error has the sequence number: 644

The previous file with 643 is also installed.

The Setup doesn't contain any merge modules !

According to the Flexera KB, this error is caused by:
a.) Previous installations with same Product ID (Test machine is a "mint" VM Ware)
b.) caused by wrong sequence numbers (i've checked that)
c.) inaccessible files (which isn't the cause either)

i guess i can rule out all of the above...

Any help is highly appreciated.
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Level 2

Thanks for your answers, but i was referring to http://kb.flexerasoftware.com/selfse...07312&sliceId=

Your 2nd link is also of no help for me, since i tried to create new releases a few time / deleted old ones and so on...
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