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Edit control event

This is a question for for a basic MSI project.

I have a dialog with an edit control on it. I set a property to the value of the dit control let say propery "TOTO" . I want to disable the NEXT button when the text is empty and enable it when the text is not empty.

I went to the behavior section of the dialog, click on my control name, then went to Conditions tab and added the actions Disable if TOTO="" and Enable if TOTO<>""

When I tested my project, I noticed that it only works when the edit control loose the focus, like it updates the property once you're out of the control. I want the Next button to update its disable/enable state on each caracter I type in the edit control.

Is it possible? How do I subscribe to a "OnTextChanged" of the edit control?
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Level 6

did you ever find the fix? I have the same issue. Thanx.
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Flexera Alumni

Alas, Windows Installer appears not to support that; please see, for example, KB article Q108570, "INFO: Limitations Of The Basic MSI User Interface".
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