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Download Prerequisites

I am trying to use the above program to prepare a distribution file for a relatively simple Windows application which uses Microsoft reports.
The Install shield program has “Installshield prerequisite” files, some of which are shown as “Needs to be downloaded”. As an example, I know that I need “Microsoft Report Viewer 2010” When I right click on this and select “Download selected item” the dialog box comes up “The download failed: make sure you are running as administrator. Would you like to try again?” I have double checked – I am running as administrator, and try again does not work.
Can anyone help a newbie please?
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Kindly navigate to the location where prerequisites files are downloaded on your computer.

Ex: C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2010LE\SetupPrerequisites

In this location check if a folder named Report Viewer exists. If it exists then kindly delete this folder.

Close the project file (solution) and reopen it.

Kindly ensure that the firewall on your computer is turned off.

Navigate to the Redistributables view and try downloading the Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 prerequisite again.

Kindly check if the prerequisite downloads successfully.

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Sorry about the duplicate post. I followed Lenwin's instructions and all seems OK now - thank you very much for you help. I didn't have to download the "Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 prerequisite" because the message then came up "Installed Locally". I will carry on with other prerequisites an see how it all goes.
Thanks again for your help.
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