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Does Installshield express support visual express .NET 2008?

I'm using c++ express 2008 express .NET to write my program, but now I don't know how to deploy it as a setup file( .msi or something like that)
I want to try installshield, but I wonder that does Installshield express( or other version) support visual express .NET 2008?
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Flexera MichaelU

Re: Does Installshield express support visual express .NET 2008?

All versions of InstallShield (including Express editions) should be able to work with files created in Visual Studio Express editions - just add them to your project. However the Visual Studio integrated authoring that is offered will not work with the Visual Studio Express editions (Microsoft disallows 3rd party extensions in their Express editions). For integrated authoring, you will need a higher edition of Visual Studio; I think it's Standard edition or higher.
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