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Display installshield dialog for “Repair” from control panel

We are using a Basic MSI project that creates an exe file. We need to display installshield dialogs when the user chooses to “Repair” from control panel. However, by default, when “Repair” is selected from control panel, there is a prompt from windows installer that asks the .msi file location for the application. Also, once providing the .msi file location, dialogs are not displayed for Repair.

Is there any way we can hide the display for the .msi file location since we are providing .exe file?

Also, can we display a UI dialog once the user click “Repair” from control panel?


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Hi @tirtht ,

   Installshield can generate compressed and uncompressed installer (setup.exe), looks like this browse window is not prompting for the uncompressed installer.

 And, there is a way to disable the repair button in the Add or Remove programs by changing the settings in general information view, so the repair can do from the change window with compressed installer

Required to analyse further on why compressed setup.exe is prompting for msi browse window during repair.

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Hi @tirtht,

Created an issue in Installshield back log to investigate and fix the compressed installer repair.

 Issue number : IOJ-1931181 

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Hi there,

We are currently facing this same problem, we have a .exe file (only, not MSI), but when selecting the Repair option it asks for the MSI file.

Is there some recommendation or workaround already available? 




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