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Display an animated gif in a custom dialog

Hello there. At some point of my installation I am launching an application and I would like to show an animated gif to tell the user that the installation is doing something. I tried what was explained here:

but that does not seem to work for me. What kind of control could be the one identified by IDC_ANIMATE in the example given?

Thanks in advance.

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Animation Control is not present in InstallShiled products as it probably was present in Dev Studio so, the only way by me, is to create it with CreateWindowEx function.

Function prototype:
prototype HWND User32.CreateWindowExA(long,pointer,pointer,long,int,int,int,int,HWND,pointer,pointer,pointer);

Creating dialog with full messages support:
nResult = DefineDialog ( szDialogName, 0, "", RES_DIALOG_ID, "", 0, HWND_INSTALL, DLG_MSG_ALL|DLG_CENTERED); 
szClassName = "SysAnimate32";
szCtrlName = "";

Creating animation control inside the dialog's message loop:
case DLG_INIT:
hwndDlg= CmdGetHwndDlg (szDialogName);
hwnd = CreateWindowExA(0,&szClassName,&szCtrlName, WS_TABSTOP|WS_GROUP|WS_CHILD,170,50,200,80,hwndDlg,NULL,NULL,NULL);

And after that you should go on with the standard Win32 API code to fill the control and to make it work...
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Level 2

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I thought nobody had read my message. It gives me a clue for where to look for.


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