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Level 6

Disable/Enable Cancel button for Basic MSI


I'm writing new setup using basic MSI 2012.
My question is how can I enable/disable Cancel button in dialog.
When I click on 'Remove' command in Uninstall dialog, the Remove command execute install Script function that uninstall third parties software.
During the uninstall process of the third parties, I would like to disable the Cancel button and when the third party uninstallation terminated then enable the Cancel button.
It seems to me, that I need to write code at the beginning of the function which disable the Cancel button and in the end of the function to enable the Cancel button - but i don't know how.

Please Advice,
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Level 6

Basic MSI 2012 - How can i enable / disable Cancel button from install script?
Please advice
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Perhaps see this old newsletter tip (PDF):
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