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Different InstallShield Project types

Hi all,
I have been reading InstallShield help for the below three project types:

Basic MSI - Uses Windows Installer and does not have any scripting capability like InstallScript, need to use tables and properties to get things done.
InstallScript - Uses InstallScript Installer and can use InstallScript.
InstallScript MSI - Uses Windows Installer and InstallScript engine and can use InstallScript.

Besides my understanding above, can someone provide more details on the differences between these project types?

Appreciate any pointer or links that talk more about each project type and differences in detail.

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Level 10

Even in a "Basic MSI" project, you can write Custom Actions in the InstallScript programming language.
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Hi Jenifer,
thanks for your response and the links.

For the InstallScript project types, the links mention "You want to perform actions before or after the main installation is run"

Does this mean this is not possible in 'Basic MSI' ?

Currently we have an 'InstallScript MSI' project and there are issues with it and hence are looking into switching over to Basic MSI project type to see if
it resolves the issues.

In our existing 'InstallScript MSI' project type, we currently run an exe from installscript before the install dialog comes up and look up and store info
that is used later in the InstallScript after the files have been copied over, etc.

Will we not able to do these type of things in 'Basic MSI' ?
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