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Level 8

Determine what type of install (basic msi, install script msi) just by the setup.exe?

Can't really find this anywhere using Advanced Search, so it was easier to just create a new post. Does anyone know of a way to determine what type of InstallShield install (basic MSI, install script MSI or install script) a Setup.exe is -- maybe even through some type of utility or tool? I tried ORCA but that only works on a .MSI file (I only have a Setup.exe) and it only runs on Windows XP.

Thanks in advance!
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Level 9

I can think of passing /a switch to setup.exe.
setup.exe /a

if you happen to get the option to extract to a network location then it's MSI project (Basic MSI or InstallScript MSI) and you have the MSI file extracted.
(if you get an msi then you can use ORCA to determine if it's Basic MSI / InstallScript MSI)

if you don't get option to extract then it would be InstallScript project.
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