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Detecting the langauage of already Installed Setup while doing Upgrade

Hi Friends..

we have developed the setup in Installshield 2008 Express edition.. And we are using Globlization for this.. that is the setup is supporting in English, French and German languages.

While Installing the, user is having an option to choose the language.So he will install the latest product in his machine of desired language.

Again there will be some changes and we will create a setup of latest version and distribute the setup file to user in that case upgrade is happing.

The problem is:
Assume that the older version i have installed in French when i click the setup for upgrade it is showing in English but not in French since i have installed the older version in French..

How to solve this problem?

it will be great if i get some Help ...
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Even i am facing the same issue..
nobody here who can rescue me from this obstracle..
i need your help guyz.
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i too face the same issue. But with IS 2009, this problem is not seen.
So the someone from support may be able to answer this.
Let me know if you solve this issue.

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I too have the same issue with IS2008, after lot of browsing I came through the following link which suggests that this is fixed in IS2009. Look under the section headed 'Multilanguage Support in Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI, and Web Projects' on the link.

I am yet to test the same with IS2009 though.

One more thing the same problem occurs while uninstalling through the Setup.exe as well. Uninstalling through 'Windows Add / Remove Programs' works fine though. Hope this is fixed with IS2009 as well.

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