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Level 2

Detecting previous installation path

Hi all 🙂

I have question for the following scenario:

I installed v1.0 of my application to a non-default installation path, e.g. c:\mycompany\mysoftware\
Whenever I install v2.0, it successfully un-install v1.0 from c:\mycompany\mysoftware\, but I then have to "manually" select that installation path again.

Is it possible to configure the installation file to automatically search for any previous non-default installation path, then install the latest version on the same path?

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Level 12

One option is to use Minor Upgrades.

If Major Upgrade is desired, and if there is registry entry used to store installation destination, e.g., InstallLocation under Uninstall registry key, you can set up a System Search entry in the new release to read and populate installation destination. If there is no explicit registry entry, you will have to use Windows Installer functions to obtain installation destination of the previous version, and use obtained path to populate installation destination of the new version.
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