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Desktop Shortcuts created without Icon.

We have a long standing problem with Installshield which is that desktop shortcuts get created without an Icon, whereas the ones on the start menu are always correct.

We have tried various work rounds like scripting the desktop Shortcut creation in the OnFirstUIAfter procedure, referencing the source file in the Short cut definition on the Installation Designer page but all either do not work or leave the shortcut pointing at a file which is not available if the user chooses change Icon in the shortcut properties.

The problem seems to be that Installshield actually tries to create the shortcut before the file is copied.

I finally had to resort to copying an icon file in the OnFirstUIBefore script right at the end and using that as the Icon for the shortcut.

Has anyone found a better work round for this rather odd bug in InstallShield?
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Level 2

Hi, It seems that this question is asked alot but there aren't any answers. May I ask what function you used to copy the icon file to the target in the script?
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